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Israeli Incitement Underlying Palestinian Attack in Aqsa

Israeli forces shot and killed two young Palestinians – one 17-year-old and one 20-year-old – and injured at least two others after a violent military raid into Jenin refugee camp last week Wednesday. Muhammad Yusuf Salameh and Saad Nasser Hassan Abd al-Fattah Salah became the...

PRESS RELEASE: Delusion of Humanitarian Aid in Africa

The topic of humanitarian aid is increasingly becoming contentious with academics, civil society and even aid organisations themselves questioning its sustainability in a world beset by endless human-induced wars, climate change and natural disasters. The Media Review Network’s...

Netanyahu Determined To Sabotage Syria Ceasefire

Would any reasonable person having regard to the gruesome carnage Syria’s six year long civil war has wrought on its people, be opposed to a peaceful resolution? Or to put it more bluntly: who would be so callous as to argue that the terrible internecine war must continue...

MRN Press Statement on Al Aqsa

The Media Review Network deplores and condemns the illegal apartheid regime Israel’s attack on Al Aqsa mosque. Shedding blood of Palestinian worshippers in the sacred precincts of a revered Muslim institution in Al Quds Al Sharif – Jerusalem, and shutting it down is a...