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عَدْنَان – the martyred son

By Hassen Lorgat

The Palestinian Prisoners Society broke the news today

“the Israeli occupation assassinated Sheikh Khader Adnan”

The Physicians for Human Rights and all of Palestinians agreed

Ben Gvir and the rest of the occupiers have blood on their hands


Palestinians from all sides

greeted the news with a general strike


The humble baker’s son from Arraba village near Jenin is no more

Long Live Khader Adnan


His parents must have known

when they added his name to  theirs



means “power”

preordained to serve



the “one who settles for a long time in a place”



His torturers lived in fear of the learned Sheikh

And for years he has been the thorn in their flesh


This year, with jackbooths rising higher than ever

They refused to set him free

Hoping that this will soon blow over

And we will never forget


But they were wrong

Even those lackeys of global power CNN, Fox, BBC, The Washington Post and even the NYTimes

All reported the martyrdom of Khader Adnan: 87 days on hunger strike

Now on his way to meet his Maker


They had to admit

That it was Islamic Jihad

That began these rolling hunger strikes

That struck the racists at the core of their being


Administrative detention

Like Israel, is a crime against humanity

A thousand today languish in jails without charge or trial

In the only “democracy” of the Middle East


Martyred son of Palestine

Jannat is waiting for you

And so are your other fallen comrades

The over 237 others since the second great Nakba of ‘67

And the thousands who are mowed down every day in the occupied lands


The whole world is watching

As the disgraced jailers find no place to hide


Your struggle is our monument

We must like you, demand a world without jails


The blood of the Palestinian martyrs

Continues to water the lust for freedom

A simple freedom denied you




Victory is certain


Until victory

Hassen Lorgat
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