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Mossad foreign intelligence behind Egypts incitement against hezbollah

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"Mossad, Foreign Intelligence Behind Egypt’s Incitement against Hezbollah" 
Hanan Awarekeh 

At a time Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were still suffering from a shortage of humanitarian aids due to the Israeli siege along with the closure of the Rafah crossing that connects Gaza to the outer world through Egypt, Cairo is engaged in a late campaign against Hezbollah and its Secretary General who had called on the Egyptian regime to open the Rafah crossing for the stricken Palestinians.
Egypt continued its campaign against Hezbollah on the political, security and media levels amid expectations of a more aggressive tone in the coming days. So far, “confessions” made in the framework of investigations and interrogations with the Hezbollah operative in Egypt have been frivolous. 

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Terror channels face freedom threat

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‘Terror’ Channels Face Freedom Threat’


‘This ploy is designed to demonize media activists, analysts, authors ..’
By Iqbal Jassat – Pretoria

The perception that many American policies are influenced by Israel has been given a further boost with the latest attempt by the US Congress to silence free speech.

The current move to ‘cleanse’ the airwaves involves pro-Israeli members of the congress who are in the process of submitting a bill that seeks to target satellite stations as “terrorist organizations”.

The proposed bill is viewed as Israel’s on-going efforts to stem the tide of widespread support Palestinians have received following the Gaza disaster spawned by the apartheid state’s inhumane war.

Graphic details and gruesome40of victims of Israeli brutality have also resulted in global outrage resulting in condemnation of these war crimes and demands for the prosecution of the perpetrators.


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Most arabs know this speech will make little difference

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Most Arabs Know This Speech Will Make Little Difference

I suspect that what the Arab world wants to hear is that Obama will take his soldiers out of Muslim lands

By Robert Fisk

June 02, 2009 "The Independent" — More and more, it looks like the same old melody that Bush’s lads used to sing. We’re not against the Muslim world. In fact, we are positively for it. We want you to have democracy, up to a point. We love Arab "moderates" and we want to reach out to you and be your friends. Sorry about Iraq. And sorry – again, up to a point – about Afghanistan and we do hope that you understand why we’ve got to have a little "surge" in Helmand among all those Muslim villages with their paper-thin walls. And yes, we’ve made mistakes.

Everyone in the world, or so it seems, is waiting to see if this is what Barack Obama sings. I’m not sure, though, that the Arabs are waiting with such enthusiasm as the rest of the world.


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