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1883 new settlement units in occupied jerusalem

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IOA to build 1883 new housing units in occupied Jerusalem

The Israeli controlled municipality of occupied Jerusalem has endorsed plans to build 983 new housing units in Jabal Abu Ghunaim (Har Homa) south of occupied Jerusalem.

An Israeli society monitoring settlement activity in occupied Jerusalem reported that the municipality would soon publish its scheme before final endorsement to allow objections.

It added that the municipality sanctioned another plan to build 900 housing units north of occupied Jerusalem specifically in Pisgat Ze’ev settlement.

Meanwhile, the Israeli information center for human rights B’Tselem said that the Israeli separation wall in the West Bank would annex 60 settlements to the 1948 occupied lands.

It added that 11.9% of the total area of the West Bank would be confiscated at completion of the wall, and noted that 498,000 Palestinians live in those areas in 92 villages.

The organization noted that Israel did not heed The Hague international court of justice’s ruling that the wall was “illegal” and even ignored Israeli court decisions that recommended diverting path of the wall in order to avoid Palestinian populated areas