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3 anti siege activities during ramadan

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3 anti siege activities during Ramadan


Committee: 3 anti siege activities during Ramadan

The popular anti siege committee has declared that three activities would be organized on the Arab and international levels during the current Islamic fasting month of Ramadan against the Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip.

The committee in a press statement on Sunday said that the first would be an Egyptian popular convoy from Cairo to Gaza comprising MPs and leaders of parties and other forces that would carry medicine and foodstuff to the Strip on 10/9/2008.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Egyptian national figures called on the Egyptian masses to head to the Rafah crossing on 19/9/2008 and to storm it by force to end the siege on the one and half million Palestinians in Gaza.

A number of human rights figures in Egypt described Cairo's blocking of the Rafah border terminal as a "scandal", and hoped that the activists on Wednesday would succeed in breaking the siege.

The committee added that the second event would take place on 22/9/2008 when a boat would head from Cyprus to Gaza carrying a big number of foreign sympathizers including European parliament members, specialized doctors and international figures along with journalists.

By the end of Ramadan, land and sea voyages would be organized from Scotland heading to Gaza in solidarity with its besieged citizens in the third activity, the committee elaborated.

For his part, MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the committee, called for organizing more such activities on the part of Arab and Islamic masses in a bid to break the siege.

He underlined that as a result of the siege 80% of Gaza population are living under the poverty line.

In another context, the minister of agriculture in the caretaker government in Gaza, Dr. Mohammed Al-Agha, said that the Israeli occupation forces were testing the calm agreement with routine firing at Palestinian fishermen.

He denounced in a statement on Sunday the IOF intensified firing at fishermen and foreign activists who accompanied them in flagrant violation of the calm agreement. (PIC)