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A press statement hamdi hassan

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A press statement

Responding to reports that, following intensive security reinforcements for the police to prevent the campaign from entering Sinai

At the outset send congratulatory exclusive of our armed forces and our brave Egyptian occasion of great victories Tenth of Ramadan

As send condolences to the army and people of the death of Field Marshal Abu Ghazaleh war hero Ramadan
On this occasion we appeal to the Egyptian police commitment to the national and constitutional duty and be repulsed wall against criminals, drug traffickers and land, full of banks and public funds instead of being used to be repulsed against the wall of the honorable citizens of the claimants to recover their dignity and their will

We appeal to police officers and soldiers must display a spirit of the Tenth of Ramadan

We appeal to police officers and soldiers to join the people and the popular will not be helpful to the Zionists and their followers

The land of Sinai, Egypt will regain the army in Tenth of Ramadan for the exercise by the will of the Egyptian people will not Zionist entity

People want policies that do not reflect the will of the will of our enemies Zionists

People want the police to respond to the claim, protect and safeguard not to stand against oppression and
The Rafah crossing land of Egypt shall be applicable to Salloum crossing must be open to legal passage of natural persons and goods

Arba police force to be Egyptian government against its own people and advocated peaceful dignity and the will to Egypt

We will continue our efforts with all peaceful ways and means will not relent Arictna weaken our will or even deterred from government policies or verbal people with all its institutions to come again accurately reflect the will of the people free

The day believers will rejoice

People, police and army and all civil society institutions Egyptian and Arab

The dawn of a new tomorrow, God willing
And together, God Pod siege

D / Hamdi Hassan
Deputy People
The spokesman of the campaign