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A whoring lying state

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A whoring, lying state
[ 28/11/2008 – 01:08 AM ]
By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

Israel routinely claims to be “civilized, and democratic.” However, in truth, Israel is neither civilized nor democratic. In fact, one can safely claim that Israel is actually a criminal, barbarian and utterly uncivilized state that lives and thrives on murder, theft and mendacity.
The following observations are an irrefutable proof showing that Israel differs very little from criminal states throughout history, past and present.

Take, for example, the ongoing daily rampages by Jewish thugs, otherwise known as settlers, against Palestinians and their property in the southern West Bank town of Hebron.

On Wednesday, 26 November, dozens of Jewish hoodlums attacked a Palestinian neighborhood in the heart of the southern West Bank town, causing much damage to residents, their homes and cars.The gravity of this criminal behavior doesn’t stem only from the damage wreaked on innocent people, but rather from the stunning passivity displayed by the Israeli occupation army and the Israeli state in general toward organized Jewish terror.The latest rampage is only the latest spate of violence by the thugs of Gush Emunim (Bloc of Faithful) against the Palestinians of the city of al-Khalil, or Hebron.Last week, dozens of settlers attacked, shortly after midnight, the homes, cars and property of Palestinians in the vicinity of the colony of Kiryat Arba. The attackers smashed window glass, car windshields and vandalized property. The thugs also scrawled offensive graffiti on the wall of a local mosque, including the blasphemous graffiti “Muhammed is Pig.”Unfortunately, very few Jewish religious leaders in Israel or abroad probably with the exception of the anti-Zionist group Naturi Karta, have condemned the sacrilegious acts. Well, Jews shouldn’t think that such virulent behavior is not going to be noticed by Muslims around the world.The next time Jews complain about anti-Semitism in the Muslim or Arab world, they should be reminded of their despicable silence and indifference toward the anti-Islam behavior of their people in Hebron.What is even more shocking is the refusal of the Israeli occupation army, which according to international law should protect local Palestinians from settler barbarianism and savagery.This writer on many occasions witnessed settler thugs beat, stone and even shoot Palestinians while Israeli occupation soldiers were standing passively as if nothing wrong or abnormal was happening.There is only one explanation and one interpretation of army passivity in this regard. It means coordination, connivance, acquiescence, collusion and coordination. It means that the Israeli army doesn’t really object to settlers attacking Palestinians and vandalizing their property as long as this behavior doesn’t provoke an international outcry. In short, Israel is simply sanctioning the organized terror and violence against innocent Palestinians in Hebron. Doesn’t this remind us of how the Nazi authorities treated anti-Jewish thugs who attacked Jewish property and places of worship in November, 1938?Yes, it is true, the scope of Jewish violence and terror in Hebron has not yet assumed genocidal proportions.However, it is also true that even genocides start with relatively minor incidents, very much like what the settlers are doing to innocent Palestinians in Hebron these days.Furthermore, it is imperative to remember that the thugs of Gush Emunim don’t really differ in substance from the Hitler Youth and other Nazi groups in terms of ideology and racism.These thugs say openly and unhesitatingly that their goal is to exterminate non-Jews in Palestine or at least expel them, in order to establish a Talmudic Jewish kingdom that would rule according to Halacha or Jewish religious law. Well, a law, religious or otherwise, that advocates extermination, enslavement or collective deportation of an entire people from their homeland must not be hallowed or respected.Hence, the ideology of Jewish messianic fundamentalism must be isolated and fought relentlessly. Just imagine if these thugs, who are supported by powerful political parties and nearly 50% of Israeli lawmakers, were to control Israel’s vast nuclear arsenal.Another stark example of Israeli barbarianism is the recent revelation by the Israeli media that the Israeli occupation army has been carrying out extra-judicial executions of innocent Palestinians.According to reports published in the Israeli press this week, the Israeli army issued orders allowing soldiers to murder innocent Palestinians in the process of murdering so-called “wanted persons.”One Israeli soldier was quoted as saying that “we killed innocent Palestinians knowingly and deliberately.”Of course, none of the murderers has been prosecuted. This is the state that keeps telling the world that it is the only true democracy in the Middle East and that its conduct is determined by the rule of law.Well, Nazi Germany, too, followed the rule of law, that is the Nazi rule of law.Some Zionists, who prefer argumentative prevarication and linguistic sophistry over honesty would claim that Israeli troops, unlike Palestinian guerillas, don’t deliberately target civilians.But this argument is a big lie, because Israel has murdered thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians, and it is unlikely that all of them were killed by mistake.Indeed, when mistakes are made every hour, every day, it means deliberate killing of innocent people is official policy.Besides, when the number of victims is so large, as is the case in Gaza, for example, even intent becomes irrelevant.Finally, Israeli military courts have lately been passing hefty prison sentences, ranging from 30-55 months, on Palestinian lawmakers affiliated with the Hamas movement.We are talking about people who committed no misdemeanor or felony or violated any law. Their only “crime” is their decision to participate in the Palestinian general elections which took place in January 2006. Needless to say, these elections had been okayed by both the United States and Israel, in the hope pro-American groups, such as Fatah, would win, which would allow for the liquidation of the Palestinian cause, especially the paramount right of return.However, when Hamas won the elections, Israel, in collusion with the US and the PA, arrested nearly all Hamas’s lawmakers, charging them with affiliation with an illegal organization. So, this is the behavior of the only democracy in the Middle East, a whoring democracy by every shred of imagination.