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Angela davis commends sa students

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(source: BDS Working Group SA)

Angela Davis commends SA students for speaking out against Israeli delegation and adoption of BDS

Famous American Black Panther member, leading feminist thinker and [consistent] anti-apartheid activist, Professor Angela Davis, writes to South African students:

“The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign that seeks to expose and isolate Israeli apartheid has garnered support all over the world. Given the role that international boycott strategies played in the defeat of South African apartheid, it is fitting that decisive leadership to the international community has come from South Africa in the form of a courageous decision by the University of Johannesburg to terminate its ties with Ben Gurion University. As a response to this and other actions in solidarity with the Palestinian people, various advocates representing the interests of the Israeli state are now attempting to realign this shifting balance of forces in their favor.

On behalf of the many supporters of the BDS movement in the United States, I congratulate the coalition of student organizations in South Africa (the South African Student Congress, the South African Union of Students and the Young Communist League of South Africa) for speaking out with determination and clarity against the Israeli delegation, which has announced its intention to ameliorate Israel’s image. As the student leaders have emphasized, it is not the image of the Israeli government that needs changing but rather its racist and repressive policies and practices of apartheid. Their call for Israeli-apartheid free campuses should resonate around the world.

Angela Y. Davis

Professor Emerita, University of California, Santa Cruz