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Blocking fuel supplies violation of human rights

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The caretaker government headed by Ismail Haneyya has described the Israeli occupation authority’s stoppage of fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip as flagrant violation of human rights and mass punishment.

The government said in a statement following its weekly session on Sunday that the “Zionist measure is part of the collective punishment exercised by the Israeli occupation forces against our Palestinian people in addition to being a blatant violation of the simplest human rights”.

It warned of the “disastrous consequences” of such mass punishment that violates the international laws and the fourth Geneva Convention. It particularly warned of dire consequences on the lives of patients and on the work of hospitals and other aspects of life in the Strip such as bakeries, factories, workshops and traffic.

The government held the IOA fully responsible for results of such mass punishment and inhuman practices.

It asked the Arab countries and the world community at large to assume their responsibilities towards the Palestinian inhabitants in the Strip, to end the “oppressive Zionist siege” and to save the Strip from an imminent human tragedy after the sole electricity generation station stopped, the traffic came to a standstill and commercial shops ran out of stock. **Source: