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Electricity hike for johannesburg

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City Mayor Amos Masondo says Johannesburg residents and industries can expect an electricity hike this week.

The city would approve Eskom’s electricity tariff of 20.6 percent at its next council meeting. The tariff would be implemented on August 1. “This increase is a direct result of the National Energy Regulator of South Africa’s (Nersa) decision to allow Eskom to levy an additional increase of 13.3 percent on its customers, on the already approved 14.2 percent increase.

Poor consumers, however, would not be given an additional increase in tariffs and their share would be covered by the city. City Power managing director Silas Zimu stressed that the more electricity people used, the more they would pay for it.

Councillor Roslynn Greeff, member of the mayoral committee for infrastructure and service says the tariffs were there “to help people”. “The tariffs seem punitive, but it’s simply to force people to use less electricity… and now even if Eskom asks us to load-shed, we don’t have to.”

She explained that the city had enough “mitigating projects” to ensure that it would not be “load-shedded by Eskom”.