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As the preparations of The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) for the International Conference, UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees; continue, more interest from people is being showed. PRC has received tens of requests from people to join the conference. More importantly, the participation of Norman Finkelstein is evoking more people to attend the event.

The conference which is scheduled on the 16th of December 2009 would commemorate the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency UNRWA. It will include 4 sessions of discussions that focus on the recent conditions of refugees, the UNRWA work and the legal status of Palestinian Refugees under the International Law.

Professor Norman Finkelstein is one of the keynote speakers at the event. He is expected to chair one of the sessions plus inaugurating his “NEW BOOK”

According to Finkelstein’s, his new book will assess Israel's real motives for launching the Gaza massacre; the attempted whitewash right after it ended; the human rights reports and Israeli soldier testimonies documenting its magnitude; and the Goldstone report and its significance.  PRC is proud to showcase the services of UNRWA and provide a detailed analysis on the background of its existence. We will use this occasion to bring together a raft of experts and representatives of host countries where UNRWA is active to provide a comprehensive account of UNRWAs contribution and the difficult conditions under which it functions. The occasion will also allow representatives of refugees to share their views on UNRWA.UNRWA is a key player in regard of Palestinian Refugee crisis; it was established directly after the (Nakba) catastrophe of Palestinians started. It has been operating for long decades within the Palestinian Refugee camps which exist in many places in the Middle East and elsewhere.The key speakers will launch the event which would include a number of sessions. Academics from USA, UK and the Middle East plus Politicians from Asia and other Arab countries would participate in the event.Researchers and students would engage in discussion which would take place within the sessions which would be announced later.Many high profile personalities have agreed to join and there are more to confirm. The following is a list of those already confirmed:•    Claire Short- British MP•    Baroness Jenny Tonge- Former British MP•    Professor Norman Finkelstein- American Political Scientist and Author•    Ambassador Khalil Makkawi – head of the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee•    Dr Daud Abdullah- Expert on Palestinian issue and Deputy Secretary General of the MCB •    Dr Bashir Nafi- Lecturer•    Rachel Rudolf – Professor  in Political Science •    Sami Mashasha – UNRWA Spokesperson•    Ali Huwaidi – Director of Palestinian Organization for the Right of Return “Thabit” in Beirut •    Tariq Hamoud – Director of Palestinian Return Community “WAJEB” in Syria•    Wajih Azayiza – Jordanian representative of Palestinian Refugees •    Ali Mustafa – Representative of Palestinian refugees in Host countries•    Nadeem Shehadeh- Representative of Palestinian refugees in Host countries•    Anicee Van Engeland – Professor of Human Rights LawThe participation is open for Public but previous notifications for Journalists and academics are preferable. Those who wish to join the event can contact us:


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