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Haneyya palestinian rights not for bargaining

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Haneyya: Palestinian rights not for bargaining

Ismail Haneyya, the premier of the PA caretaker government in Gaza, has asserted that the Palestinian national rights and constants would never be for bargaining.

He told a delegation of the Ahrar Movement led by Khaled Abu Hilal during a reception on Monday that the Palestine cause was never that of petrol or food supplies. He underlined that the Palestinian main issues would always remain Jerusalem, refugees, holy shrines and other constants.

The premier briefed the delegates on latest political developments and dialogues with the Egyptians that led to the declaration of the calm agreement. He explained his views towards a number of36on the Arab and Palestinian arenas and other issues such as the exchange of prisoners and entry of goods via Israeli-controlled crossings.

Abu Hilal, for his part, lauded the calm agreement and affirmed his Movement's commitment to it. He described the agreement as the result of Palestinian steadfastness. *Source: Palestine Information Centre