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Health ministry warns of increasing number of siege victims

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Health ministry warns of increasing number of siege victims

The health ministry in the PA caretaker government has warned of the increasing number of victims among patients who fall in the Gaza Strip as a result of inability to travel abroad for treatment.

It said in a statement released on Sunday that the number of siege victims has risen to 12 patients since start of August including six women and a child.

The child Ahmed Abu Amsha who died on Sunday brought the number of siege victims to 234 and the number of martyrs since the calm went into effect to 42, it elaborated.

The ministry warned of a humanitarian catastrophe threatening lives of hundreds of patients as the ministry’s medicine stores started to run out and the crossings remained closed before those patients.

It called on the honorable and freedom loving peoples in the world to assume their responsibility towards the seriously ill patients in Gaza.

The ministry asked WHO, human rights groups, the Red Cross and the international community to immediately intervene to pressure Israel into lifting the siege and opening all crossings.

Israel’s savage policy should place it on the international terrorism list and those responsible should be tried for war crimes committed against the Palestinian people for decades, the ministry underlined.