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Honour cannot be fought for it is earned

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Nabeweya Malick

 The brutal attack on the people living under siege in Gaza by Israeli forces has exposed the extent to which global Jewry allied to the Zionist project will sink in order to defend the State of Israel.  While the world stood and watched in horror as white phosphorous explosive laden missile after missile slammed into apartments, houses and schools leaving the inhabitants screaming and appealing for humanity to stop this slaughter, people who claim leadership of the Jewish community, unashamedly condoned this act of barbarism. 



 The irony of this support for the indiscriminate mass frenzied killing is that it comes from  people who seek to remind the world that the killing of the Jewish people during the holocaust was a shameful period in the history of mankind which should never be repeated.  The mind continues to boggle when one listens to many of their Rabbis endorsing the killing of another nation as if only Jewish blood is sacred. 

 The protection they claim for immunity against any censure is to invoke tactics of intimidation by using an age-old canard of “anti-Semitism”. The result thus sought is that any criticism of the actions of Israel , as a Jewish state, such as the wanton and deliberate killing of 1500 human beings, 500 of which were children which has been condemned by Amnesty International,  Red Cross, United Nations  be viewed as anti-semitic.

 Zionist expansionism explains Israeli greed for land, oil, wealth and power. Partisan support by many Jews for a state that prides itself as Jewish, has blinded them to the crimes committed by their co-religionists and reduced them to a shameful people devoid of honour, respect, trust, love and brotherhood that humanity by nature affords those who share love, charity, comfort and peace to those in need. Lessons from history teach us that the price paid for turning a blind eye to crimes committed by those embraced as brethren will yield a shameful harvest of frenzied insecurity, fear, paranoia and stress.

Indeed the hostile accusations made by the South African Jewish Board of Deputies against the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Fatima Hajaig points to this unjust shielding of Israeli massacres. Their hysterical defense for the absolute right of Israel to justify mass expulsions alongside slaughter must not be lost in the Hajaig controversy.

It is a paradox that whilst they condone and support the mass murder of Palestinian families they have the audacity to accuse another of anti-semitism. Is it ok to condemn anti-Semitism in an academic fashion while the killing spree of the semites [Palestinian people] by an outpost of European settlers is ignored and overlooked?

 Nabeweya Malick: Media Liasion Officer – Muslim Judicial Council