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Israel has no right to defend the indefensible

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By Dr Firoz Osman

The blind fury and brutal massacre by Israel in murdering 9 Turkish civilians aboard the Mavi Marmara and 4 Palestinians on the Gaza coast betrays the increasing fear and insecurity facing the mighty Zionist entity.

Israel cannot claim that it has the right to defend itself whilst it:

  •  Illegally invades and occupies the Sheba Farms (Lebanon), Golan Heights (Syria) and Palestine
  • Constructs Settlements on the above lands housing over a half-a-million Zionists from the USA and Europe
  •  Violates International Law, the Geneva Conventions and over 60 UN Security Council resolutions demanding the return of stolen lands and Human Rights
  • Obstructing the Palestinian Right of Return to their homes

  •  Imprisoning over 10000 Palestinians, including women and children, without charge and due process
  •  Butchers and slaughters thousands of civilians in Lebanon ,Gaza and West Bank
  •  Pulverizes and demolishes homes, hospitals, clinics, food stores, farms and schools, roads and bridges, water aquifers and electricity generators
  • Dismisses with contempt recommendations by special rapporteurs like Professors Dugard, Falk and Justices Richard Goldstone and Navi Pillai 
  • Ignores the ruling of the International Court of Justice on the Apartheid Wall
  • Possesses 200 nuclear weapons, F-16’s, Merkava tanks and Apache helicopter gunships and 2 million trained soldiers facing stone-throwing children, slingshots and home-made projectiles
  •  Uses chemical weapons and White phosphorus against civilians
  • Hijacks fishing boats and ships from International waters
  • Remains the most powerful militarily in the region, the third or fourth strongest in the world and backed the sole super power, the USA.

Most of these points were made by William A Cook, author of The Rape of Palestine, who condemned Israel for “the outrages of these demented minds (that) only illustrates what uncontrolled power can inflict on the innocent”. He wrote “Evil knows no morality; it savors no regard for the weak or oppressed; it admits no rights but those it imposes; it condemns those who dissent without evidence or truth; it denies all wrongdoing since its actions alone determine right; it feels no shame; it accepts no blame; it pleads innocence, seeks to cloak itself in the victim’s stripes, and curses those who condemn its crimes”. This is Israel.