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Israeli knesset endorses another racist law against palestinian jerusalemites

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More than 50 Israeli lawmakers have voted in favor of a draft resolution authorizing the Israeli occupation government of confiscating properties of Palestinian Jerusalemites and those of the 1948-occupied lands involved in retaliation attacks against IOF aggressions against the Palestinian people.

According to the Hebrew radio, Gedion Saer, the extremist Israeli lawmaker of the rightist Likud party drafted the resolution that gained the blessing of 50 Knesset MPs against 13 members who opposed it in its first reading.

The resolution becomes a law only if it is approved by the second and third reading.

"The resolution is meant to serve as a deterrent [to the Palestinian Jerusalemites]", said Saer in justifying his racist proposal.

The Knesst also approved in the first reading another racist draft resolution presented by member of the ruling Kadima Party Yuhanan Plenssier authorizing the Israeli occupation authorities of canceling residency permits of families of Palestinian resistance fighters and those extending help to them.

He said that the law will deter Palestinian Jerusalemites from giving aid to Palestinian resistance fighters.

The Israeli occupation government had taken a number of measures against Palestinian Jerusalemites, including denying them building permits, and imposing high taxes against them among other measures with the aim to force them out of the city.

A week ago, a Palestinian Jerusalemite driving a bulldozer killed three Israeli settlers and wounded tens others in western part of Jerusalem before Israeli policemen gunned him down.

According to Palestinian records, the IOF troops killed close to 500 Palestinian citizens, many of them children and women in Gaza Strip and the West Bank since the start of this year.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Palestinian citizens from Beit Hanena demonstrated against the apartheid, separation wall that divided the land of their tiny town.

Palestinian children participating in the rally planted a number of Palestinian flags on their land in an apparent message to the Israeli occupation that the land was and still is a Palestinian land.

In 2004, the International Court of Justice in The Hague ruled that the wall was illegal and must be demolished immediately, but the Israeli occupation undermined the ruling and persisted in constructing the wall.