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Israeli self goal to divide India Iran?

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Letter by Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

The first time ever use of ‘limpet mine’ in India, points to a foreign agency hand in the attack on an Israeli diplomatic vehicle, carrying an Israeli citizen, in the heart of Indian capital, New Delhi. As Indian Express as well as Ronen Bergman in New York Times has mentioned, 5 Iranian nuclear scientist had met their fate in the similar ‘limpet mine’ car blow-outs, and Iran has accused Israeli agency Mossad for the terrorist attacks on its scientists. Now Israel is blaming Iran for New Delhi terror attack. In fact, the ‘limpet mine’ has been known to be favorite Mossad instrument of assassination in the Middle East.

While as a knee-jerk reaction, Indian Government and Indian media, spearheaded by TIMES NOW and its over-smart anchor Arnab Goswami, has been widely repeating the Israeli charges, India should be very cautious in handing this very delicate situation, as its own interest in dealings with Iran, are at stake and that is the main reason, both US and Israel are pressurizing India — without any regard or reference to an independent India’ own economic and global interests.

A Times of India report, filed by its US correspondent, highlights how Israeli/American Jewish lobby in the US is building up pressure on India to force it to tow their line of antagonistic and warmongering agenda in the neighborhood of India.

India, its political analysts, its media and its people should be fully aware and vigilant about a war in our neighborhood that my cost us dearly, if things go wrong. It may be a very disastrous and damaging affair. Both the US and Israel are hell-bent on abusing India’s friendship and its vast resources, to carry on their own hegemonic agenda around the world, including the Gulf, South East and Far East — all in the bogus pretext of their own self-serving security parameters.

The canvas of their agenda is very vast and India will have to decide from very beginning, if its baby steps to humor the West and Israel may result it to desperately run a forced marathon to the last mile, that would change India for good. A hundred year struggle to free India from the clutches of foreign colonial powers may end up again in enslaving of a billion Indians.