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Jewish group builds new tunnel under the aqsa mosque

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The Hebrew TV has revealed on Saturday that the Jewish fanatic Al-A’ad group excavated a new tunnel in Salwan village leading the foundations of the Aqsa Mosque.

According to the TV, the tunnel was part of the Israeli schemes to rehabilitate the “City of David”, and that the said Jewish organization was receiving financial and political assistance from the Israeli occupation government.

Palestinian citizens in the village were irked by the news, adding that they noticed cracks in the walls of their homes started to appear.

Raed Salah, the prominent Muslim leader in the 1948-occupoied Palestinian lands, accused the Israeli occupation government of attempting to impose facts on the ground inside the Aqsa Mosque through a programmed plan.

Salah, who was the first to expose the Israeli vicious schemes against the Aqsa Mosque, also highlighted that since the ill-fated Annapolis conference was concluded in November of last year, the frequency of Israeli aggressions against the Aqsa Mosque increased rapidly.

“This matter (the new tunnel) needs a strong stand from us to foil it, and to support the Aqsa Mosque by means of intensifying Palestinian presence in and around it the Mosque, and to maintain round-the-clock attendance in it”, the prominent Palestinian Islamist underlined.


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