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Media review network honoured

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By Bibi Ayesha Laher – Media Liaison, Media Review Network

At Saturday night’s Al Quds Banquet, the Media Review Network (MRN) was honoured by being granted the “shuhada” award in recognition of efforts to lift the siege on Gaza!

The award was presented at Al Quds Foundation’s annual fundraising dinner held in Lenasia.

Key note speaker Sheik Igsaan Hendriks, who also heads the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC), lauded the MRN for its sterling media advocacy in defence of human rights. He also said that the partnership forged between MJC’s media desk and MRN is a significant strategic alliance highly valued by them.

Before calling on MRN’s Iqbal Jassat to receive the award, he was asked to address the capacity audience.

In his brief talk, Jassat stressed the need for broader civil society participation in solidarity activities for oppressed people. With reference to Palestine, he pointed out that Apartheid Israel’s ideological root embedded in racist Zionism was floundering.

“’Hasbara’ or propaganda relied upon by Israel to bluff the world is experiencing major structural cracks. This is due to the fact that myths invented by Zionists are not sustainable in the face of Palestinian resistance and global solidarity”, said Jassat.

MJC’s secretary –general, Molana Abdul Khaliq Ally who presided at the function expressed gratitude for the support by residents of Lenasia, Ennerdale, Eldorado Park and surrounding areas.