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Desmond Tutu – A Living Legacy of Liberation

By Molana Ihsaan Hendricks

President – Muslim Judicial Council

The recent petition launched by David Hersch, vice-chairman of SA Zionist Federation calling for the axing of Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, because of his outspoken advocacy and belief that all human beings should be respected and valued is an insult to the victims of the Holocaust and all oppressed.  This attempt to silence the voice of justice, ironically trashes the very principles that the Holocaust Museum stands for and exposes the Zionist federation’s blind defense of Israeli policies at the expense of the legacy of holocaust survivors. 

The memory and honor of those who have lost their lives should never be tainted by individuals who shun International Human Rights reports and unabatedly continue to justify Israeli crimes and engage in various forms of intimidation, propaganda and viciously attack those who expose the truth of their dastardly crimes.  This feeble attempt will only harvest the signatures of individuals who have fallen victim to Zionist intimidation and threats which appear to be a policy of response against any dissenting voice and critique.  A further disgusting and shocking reminder of the racist mindset of some Zionist supporters was a statement printed in the Cape Times, 12 January, 2011 which said “Chain Tutu to a plough and let him pick some taters”. 

An attack against Desmond Tutu is an attack against the struggle against Apartheid as his legacy symbolizes the strength of good men who led this nation towards the liberation of the people of South Africa.  We are therefore not surprised that the Zionist mind would attack noble and justice loving individuals as the Zionists’ disgraceful history is tainted by its role in perpetuating Apartheid. 

Amongst the true stalwarts if justice are individuals who have joined the struggle against the oppression of Zionism and include brave and honorable people such as Reuven Moshkovitz, a Holocaust survivor who whilst aboard the Gaza relief vessel, Irene said:  “It is a sacred duty for me as a Holocaust survivor to protest against the persecution, oppression and imprisonment of so many people, including over 800,000 children in Gaza,”.  It is this consciousness of the sanctity of all life that enriches mankind towards wanting for others what we want for ourselves which is a characteristic of the noble and honorable man, Desmond Tutu, a principle that David Hersch and co have sorely been blinded to.

We therefore thank and salute Arch Bishop Tutu for his continued support of the Palestinian people and for not becoming complacent in the struggle for Freedom and Liberation.


For further reading on the crimes committed in Palestine, the current Human Rights Watch 2010 report is available on )

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