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Goldstone Report finds Israel guilty of War Crimes

By Dr Firoz Osman

The MEDIA REVIEW NETWORK notes with interest media reports on the Goldstone Report, which found Israel guilty of war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity for its invasion of Gaza in December and January 2008/9. 

This investigation of Israeli war crimes corroborates the findings of many other organisations such as Amnesty International, the International Committee for the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel and others.

Israel, not surprisingly, arrogantly rejected the findings, dismissing it as biased and one-sided. Israel refused to cooperate with the Goldstone Commission, denying it permission to enter its territory. The Hamas government ruling Gaza fully cooperated with the Goldstone investigation, allowing it free access throughout the territory.

One thousand four hundred Palestinians were brutally killed, five hundred of them women and children. In contrast, only thirteen Israelis were killed during the conflict. Whilst the Goldstone Commission also accuses Palestinian militants of war crimes, Hamas cites International Law that permits it the right of self defence.

The overwhelming criticism of the 574 page report condemns the Israeli Defence Force for failing to avoid civilian deaths and injury; for the use of white phosphorus in civilian areas; firing high-explosive artillery shells on hospitals; using Palestinian civilians as human shields; and deliberately attacking food supplies.

Israel has violated International Law with impunity for the last sixty years. The MEDIA REVIEW NETWORK awaits with interest the action, if any, will be taken by the United Nations Security Council against Israel. 


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