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MRN Repulsed by Islamophobic Movie

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Monday, 17 September 2012

The Muslim Community along with the Media Review Network is enraged and disgusted by the production entitled “Innocence of Muslims”. The production sponsored by Zionists and a small group of Islamophobic Coptic Christians as indicated by numerous references including Dr Franklin Lamb provides no positive contribution to society nor globally recognized values of mutual respect.

The purpose of this despicable production serves only to attack Islam in a premeditated manner and brutally assault the sensitivities of the global Muslim community. As the insult range from pornographic depictions of the Beloved Prophet (PBUH) to accusation of adultery, homosexuality, paedophilia not only directed against the Prophet (PBUH) but also toward his companions and virtuous wives, it is no wonder that protests have erupted throughout the Muslim world in such epic proportions. It is no affront to logic that protests of this nature occurred after a savage attack on the religion of Islam, Muslims and their beliefs particularly when some individuals attempted to shield such blatant hate speech with the cloak of freedom of expression. Pastor Terry Jones, of the Dove World Outreach Centre, who called for the burning of the Quran last year, has been openly canvassing for the promotion of this movie. He proclaims that “Islam is of the devil”.

The Media Review Network condemns any loss of life. We call on all governments as well as civil society to denounce this despicable production masquerading as a form of freedom of expression. Furthermore we call upon the United States to take decisive actions against the producers of this publication of hate speech and impose a sever sanction for this blatant and brutal attack on Muslims, Islam and the global value of mutual respect.

Issued by:

Zaakir A Mayet
Chairperson – Media Review Network
Contact: 084 786 4003 /