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Nuclear summit aims to protect west

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By Dr Firoz Osman

(source: Star + Daily News)

The gathering of 47 nations at the Nuclear Security Summit in the US has one unstated purpose: to limit the development of nuclear energy to countries serving the Western alliance.

Most experts agree that the "threat of nuclear terrorism" is virtually non-existent at present. The objective is to make Iran, perhaps the only nation-state obstructing total domination by the Western powers, buckle under to sanctions, or even a military nuclear attack on its territory.

Disregarded is that Tehran does not possess nuclear weapons. Iran says its inalienable right to acquire nuclear technology has been subjected to a campaign of denial, obstruction, intervention and misinformation, mostly at the behest of the US and Israel. While the West has been insisting that Iran abandon any plan it may have for nuclear weapons, it has not said a word against Israel's nuclear arsenal. On the contrary, since 1952 it has clandestinely helped Tel Aviv build its nuclear muscle. This selective, fanatical targeting of Iran brings up the question of Western hypocrisy. Countries that do not possess nuclear know-how must be denied its use because it could lead to their making nuclear weapons. Those that have mastered the techniques must be prevented from advancing further, especially if they are Muslim, because they might challenge the West's hegemony. South Africa was forced to surrender its seven nuclear bombs, developed in co-operation with Israel before 1994. Had we maintained that technological capability, there might have been no need for Eskom to beg the IMF for billions of dollars today. Pursuing non-proliferation of nuclear technology will only increase the relative power of the US, Israel and its allies. The West does not seek the elimination of nuclear weapons, but rather a nuclear monopoly. As Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says, this is "nuclear apartheid". This is an obvious travesty of justice that can never lead to a peaceful world.