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One sided negotiation

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By Aayesha Soni – Brixton

(source: BusinessDay – Published: 2010/11/24)

The latest turn of36regarding the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks has prompted this letter. The US and President Barack Obama are trying to fulfil the role of impartial mediator. However, I find it difficult to believe that the US really is the “man for the job”, with its obvious tendency to favour Israeli politics.

It would seem natural that the Palestinians are demanding a freeze in the building of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. One cannot expect them to enter into peace talks on the one hand, while on the other the land they are fighting for is being seized under the pretence of “natural expansion”.

To any logical mind this would seem preposterous. And yet, in order to attempt to get Israel to stop the building of illegal settlements so that peace talks may resume, the US has offered Israel a deal encompassing some rather unbelievable concessions.

It is as if the US is offering Israel a reward to stop actions that have already been deemed illegal by the United Nations and several other international bodies.

As reported by Reuters, this includes 20 F-35 stealth jets worth 3bn and a promise to use Washington’s veto in the United Nations Security Council to block anti-Israeli resolutions — essentially the deal would confirm the loyalty of the American veto.

With the supposed mediator having such an obvious inclination to a single party, and that party taking full advantage of the leverage it apparently wields, it is no wonder the peace talks have not seen success yet.