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Open letter to pakistan high commissioner

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Your Excellency

The High Commissioner

The Pakistan High Commission


 The Media Review Network (MRN) observes with deep consternation  the present crisis playing itself out in Pakistan. The humanitarian catastrophe that has been precipitated by the Pakistan Government’s military operation against an ill defined enemy proves that your actions have been ill-advised and disastrous. The exodus of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children is reminiscent of the mass departure in 1948.

We are convinced that Pakistan has finally relented to United States pressure and unleashed its military against its own population. By using CIA drone aircraft, over a thousand people, mostly civilians, have perished and 1.5 million left destitute and homeless. Callously the military has proclaimed victory over its defenceless tribesmen, who have been mislabelled the “Taliban”. A deeply frustrated Washington will tear Pakistan apart in an effort to end the  resistance of the indigenous inhabitants of the area. 

The concerns that  Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal may fall into the “wrong hands” are unfounded. The real danger is the United States acting like an enraged bull in a China shop and forcing Islamabad to make war on its own people. Pakistan could end up like Iraq – split, powerless and dependent

We call upon the political hierarchy in Pakistan to provide the leadership  that is required so that this unnecessary human tragedy may be avoided and the well being of the civilian population preserved and protected. They should provide the framework through which Pakistan’s honour and dignity in the eyes of the world will be sheltered and sealed.

Ibrahim Vawda

Senior Researcher

Media Review Network

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