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Palestinian spirit

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Poem Dedicated to the Palestinians in their continual fight for freedom….by Katherine Mukhar

Poem: Palestinian Spirit By Katherine Mukhar

(Dedicated to the Palestinians in their continual fight for freedom)

Vultures swoop aboveWhile I, their future prey,Must stand aloneBeneath the sunTo face my deathWithout an ounce of fear.I will not succumbTo what the hawks haveDeemed to be my fate.Stripped of all I ownI stand withDignity…Pride.

Force me on my knees…I will stand again!Strangle me with all your might…I will breathe again!Bulldoze what I built…I will build again!Try to kill my soulBut it will live again!

Remember this:Go tell your sonsEach time I dieMy passion will rekindleIn the childrenOf my daughtersAnd my sons.

And don’t forget to tell themEach time you killed me…

I died standing!

**Source: Palestine Chronicle