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Palestinian teens attacked by jewish youths

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Palestinian teens attacked

Jewish youths attack two Palestinian teenagers in Jerusalem

Israeli TV channels on Tuesday aired CCTV footage showing a group of young Jewish men torturing and abusing two Palestinian youths from Shu’fat in northern Jerusalem.

The footage was recorded during the Israeli commemoration of the holocaust. It shows 20 Jewish youths armed with knives and clubs waiting in the Israeli neighborhood of Pisgat Zev to attack Arabs. When two Palestinian teenagers from Shu’fat appeared, they were attacked and beaten.

Eleven of the attackers have been arrested. They had used emails to plan the attack on any Arab youths who enter Jewish neighborhoods. They planned to meet at 10 in the evening on Holocaust memorial day to stage the attack.

After waiting an hour and a half , two Arab youths appeared. The Jewish youths confronted them and accused them of involvement in a previous fight with Jewish youths. Then they attacked them beating them with clubs and kicking them. One of the Arab youths fainted, and the other one begged the attackers let them go. But the Jewish youths continued to beat the Arabs before one of the attackers took a knife and stabbed one of the victims while he was on the ground.

Source: Maan