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Palin and the neo conservatives

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By Mahomed Hameed

It is interesting to note that Mc Cain chose a relatively unknown as his running mate, the Governor of Alaska, Palin, for the November elections in the US.

Amongst others, there are several reasons for this extraordinary choice. By choosing Palin, Mc Cain hopes to cash-in the sympathetic vote from residual Democratic voters loyal to feminists, and to Governor Clinton. Whether this is a wise strategy remains to be seen. However, one thing is quite certain, this is not about choosing the best person for the job , but about who can bring in the votes in for Mc Cain.

Governor Palin’s romance with Evangelical Christianity will also have a positive side effect on the results of the elections. America has about eighty three million Evangelical Christians, that mostly supported George Bush throught his tenure. This is now on a steady decline.

Evangelical Christians, like Governor Palin are also strongly allied to the Zionist doctrine, who see Palestine as a God-Given land for Jews only. The fact that native Palestinians occupied these lands for thousands of years is of no co consequence to this cabal.

Christian Evangelists’ see this as a prophesy heading towards a natural destiny, while Zionists see this as a means to further their nefarious political strategy of occupation through this windfall support.

This is indeed bound to fail, as Zionists have nothing to do with Christianity, while Christians believe that the Jews will be coming to ‘truth’ at the second coming of Christ.

While Judaism is awaiting the coming of the Messiah for their redemption, the Christians are hastening to end-times in the fulfilment of a prophesy, through a Messiah that has already appeared two centuries ago.

Notwithstanding these facts, there is indeed, an alliance between them, which unfortunately has detrimental repercussions for the long suffering Palestinians.

Palin, is unfortunately caught up in this religious web, and has to further contend with the overwhelming pressure that emanates from the neo-conservatives that occupy the White House and the Pentagon. This will be greatly exacerbated by her relative inexperience.

Even seasoned politicians like Powell, who by American standards, was deemed to be a forthright and highly respected member of the cabinet, succumbed to the gripping clutches of the neo-cons. Judging by any standard, Palin is no Powell!

Clearly, this is a recipe for disaster for the broader global village, and may translate into additional disrepute to the White House which is already clutching at straws for credibility and prestige.

There is a famous eastern saying “ there is no perfume in a flower made of paper”.

Indeed, we live in very interesting times. Of one thing there is certainty, truth and justice will always prevail, Palin or not.