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Pr zionist lobby to be established in sa parliament

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19 June 2008

Press Release

Zionist Lobby to be established in SA parliament

The Media Review Network (MRN) and the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) have learnt, not surprisingly, that the leader of the ACDP, the Rev. Kenneth Meshoe, is planning to establish a pro-Israeli Zionist lobby group in the South African Parliament. This ostensibly is in order to defend and advance the Israeli cause within the precincts of SA's legislature.

The MRN & MJC are opposed to this plan which we regard to be in conflict with the ACDP's national manifesto. We also view this as a dangerous precedent, since it would seek to subvert the parliamentary role of minority parties as agencies for foreign regimes.

We therefore call on members of the ACDP not to allow their party to function as an extension of the Israeli state. We need to remind the ACDP and its leadership that the vast majority of South Africans as represented by civil society structures and the labour movement are invariably opposed to the apartheid state of Israel.

Our country has just emerged from the brutality of the Apartheid system which unfortunately remains the experience of Palestinians six decades since the Nakba. Zionism, which is the racist ideological platform of the Israeli regime, continues to subjugate its subordinates to a form of discrimination and segregation much worse than the evils of apartheid. Many credible SA leaders have attested to this. Church leaders who are distinctly renowned for their struggle against SA's old order such as Archbishop Tutu and Archbishop Ndungane, have had no hesitation to condemn Israeli atrocities unlike Rev Meshoe.

We call upon South Africans of all persuasions and the South African Government in to oppose this proposal of Reverend Meshoe. South Africans have fought long and hard against oppression and disenfranchisement which struggle must continue to be waged against Israel until Palestinians are freed from the yoke of oppression.. We should not allow the ACDP to abuse Parliamentary privileges to act as a front for Israel.

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Dr. Firoz Osman Secretary-GeneralMedia Review Network


Nabeweya MalickPublic Relations OfficerMuslim Judicial Council


In view of the above and the condemnation by the MRN and the MJC of Reverend Kenneth Meshoe’s lobbying ambitions on behalf of the apartheid state of Israel, individuals and organisations are urged to register their disapproval by e mailing their letters of protest directly to the office of the leader of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) at the following address:  Kindly also cc your protest letters to the office of the Speaker of Parliament at the following address:

In order to allow us to track your protests kindly email or fax copies to us [MRN & MJC]