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Iran Plot to Assassinate Saudi Ambassador

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Media Review Network finds it incredulous that Iran is accused by the Obama administration for being involved in some bizarre plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States.

Not only is this charge totally outrageous, it is also ridiculous to assume that Iran’s state structures would be involved in such sloppy and clumsy operations.

Iran’s strategic policy in defense of Palestine’s freedom struggle and its role in countering America’s military expansion in the region since its successful revolution in 1979 that ousted a close US ally, the Shah, made it a target for regime change.

The current frenzy and media-hype generated by unsubstantiated allegations is no more than a frantic attempt by pro-Israeli lobbyists to incriminate Iran’s unflinching support for Palestine as “terror sponsors”.

Israel’s devious role in scripting this entire set-up cannot be over-ruled. It has been at the forefront for some time to propel America to unleash a war against Iran and creating tension in a volatile region, particularly between Iran and Saudi Arabia would galvanize US support for further aggressive policies.

The Media Review Network views this episode as another false-flag operation by Israeli intelligence operatives and calls on the international community to demand proof of Iran’s alleged involvement.

We also remind the South African government about the insidious role of Israel’s Shin Bet agents operating at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo international airport.

The clandestine spy-agencies belonging to Israel and the danger they pose to SA citizens at a key security point cannot be tolerated and must be rooted out as a matter of national priority.

Issued By:

Iqbal Jassat – Chairman, Media Review Network

Cell: 083 594 3749