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Hasheron Prison Surveillance Cameras

The Media Review Network condemns the Israeli Prison Authorities plans to install surveillance cameras in the common areas of female Palestinian inmates in Israeli jails as revealed by foreign news sources. This has been specifically elected to be applied in and around the Hasheron Prison in Israel.

We call upon all governments and members of international civil society to report this matter and prevent the installation immediately.

Our sentiments are as follows:

1. The proposed 24-hour surveillance of the common areas flies in the face of the human rights and inalienable dignities of the UN Charter which Apartheid Israel has continuously trumpeted.

2. The proposed surveillance goes against the grain of morality and dignity and epitomises the inhumanity of the occupation in itself.

3. The proposed surveillance shall do very little to curtail Palestinian and global resistance to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and in fact contributes to an intensification of the resistance movements as well as adds weight to the despicable human rights record that Israel holds.

4. The proposed surveillance casts a dark shadow over the recent prisoner exchange which Israel and HAMAS agreed upon and exposes the fact that Israel had ulterior motives during those negotiations.

5. Given the tenets of modesty and chastity advocated by the Islamic faith, to have female Muslim Palestinians monitored constantly via close circuit cameras is a violation of their freedom of religion and the beliefs which they hold together with the strength of their faith.

This proposal by the prison authorities has been denounced by the Minister of Women’s Affairs in Gaza, Jameela al-Shuntee as an immoral act which demands global exposure to ensure that the plans do not go forward. She also stated that such proposals do very little in achieving peace and in fact provoke more anger and outrage against the illegal Israeli occupation.

Issued By:

Sophia Javed

Media Review Network – Media Unit

Cell: 083 457 8286