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Press Release to all Editors: Mail & Guardian vs United Muslim Forum of South Africa

Issued: 23/05/2010

In view of the publication of the33depicting the Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), an urgent meeting was held by the South African Muslim leadership.

In attendance were representatives of the following organizations:

Jamiat ul Ulema of South Africa
Channel Islam International
Muslim Judicial Council
Media Review Network
Jamiat ul Ulema Gauteng
Sunni Ulema Council of S.A.
Muslim Lawyers Association
Muslim Students Association – Wits
Association of Muslim Accountants and Lawyers
Call of Islam
Jameah Mehmoodiya Springs
KZN Society for the protection of Human Rights
Jamiat ul Ulema KZN
Islamic Research Organisation
Radio Islam
Somali Association of South Africa
Saaberie Chishty

1) The meeting was unanimous in its condemnation of the33as blasphemous, insulting, insensitive, and hurtful to the Muslim community and that the publication offends the religious convictions of the community.

2) The meeting also noted that the imagery of the33was grossly offensive and that the words attributed to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the33was an absolute fabrication.

3) The meeting noted that there is widespread anger and deep seated frustration due to the wanton act of provocation.

4) The meeting noted that there were various options available to them including legal action and public participation in protest action.

5) A committee was established – United Muslim Forum of South Africa-  and given a mandate to have a meeting with the Mail and Guardian to obtain an apology and appropriate assurances.

6) In the event that the apology and undertaking is not received, they were mandated to pursue the available options in the best interest of the Muslim Community.          

7) Delegates resolved to embark on an education program for the Media fraternity focusing on the magnanimity of the personality of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH), all other Prophets and Islam in general.

We call upon all Muslims to exercise restraint in these trying circumstances. We take this opportunity of thanking all those individuals, organizations, and religious groups for their support and solidarity. 

Issued by the United Muslim Forum of S.A.

Convener:Zahid Asmal  0847868937 –


Iqbal Jassat –  0835943749 –
Moulana Ebrahim Bham  – 0837862859
Moulana Ighsaan Hendriks – 0833846973



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