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MRN at Commemoration of Flotilla Victims in Turkey

By Dr Firoz Osman

MRN’s Dr Firoz Osman Attended the Commemoration in Istanbul – June 2010

The Media Review Network was invited to participate in the commemoration of the deaths of the 9 martyrs and 50 injured civilians on the Turkish ship, Mavi Marmara, massacred by the Israelis in international waters whilst delivering humanitarian aid to the besieged people of Gaza, Palestine.

A flotilla of six ships carrying tons of medication, food, milk powder, wheelchairs, etc. were hijacked by Israel after the attack on the ship, and the hundreds of aid workers from 32 countries were kidnapped and held hostage at the port of Ashdod. They included a holocaust survivor, an 80 year old man, a Nobel laureate and a baby.


The spirit and conviction of the families of the martyrs, the incredible support from ordinary Turkish people, and their determination to continue to help the starving Palestinians under a three year siege, was most inspiring.


Turkey, for decades a staunch ally of the Zionist regime, recalled its ambassador and is demanding an apology and compensation, or else it will break off diplomatic relations. The hosts expressed their admiration for the South African governments’ stance in withdrawing its ambassador for Israel’s despicable violation of International Law.


The MRN joined the scores of NGO’s from Europe, USA and Asia in condemning the cowardly Israeli attack on the innocent. There was a consensus to broaden the boycott, disinvestment and sanctions campaign, and to pressurize governments to isolate the Zionist regime. There was also agreement to coordinate legal efforts to prosecute the renegade Israeli regime at the ICC.

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