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Burning Of the Quraan Not an Isolated Event

By Anver Suliman – Executive Member, Media Review Network

The Media Review Network takes note that although various Governments and high profile politicians have voiced their opposition to the proposed burning of the Holy Quraan by Pastor Terry Jones, we find the hypocrisy of their utterances more disturbing than Terry Jones’s intentions.

During the various invasions of Muslim countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Beirut, by Israel, America and the NATO countries, Mosques and Muslim homes have been deliberately targeted and bombed. Every mosque and home would have had copies of the Holy Quraan. It has been widely reported that American forces were found desecrating the Holy Quraan during their attack on Iraq. Now to distance themselves from Terry Jones is a pretence and insincerity of the highest order.

It is disillusioning to think that Jones is acting on his own. The banning of Minarets in Sweden, scarves and burkas in France and Belgium and the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) in Denmark as well as the prohibition of charitable funds to Palestine are an indication of the deep and intense hate for Muslims by some western governments.  These are coordinated efforts of governments to demonise Islam and to fuel the flames of Islamophobia.

The Media Review Network calls on all Muslims to practise restraint and in the spirit of the Holy Month of Ramadaan, to exercise tolerance, and patience.

“And to be firm and patient, in pain and adversity and throughout all periods of panic. Such are the people of Truth, the God fearing.” (2:177)