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Tzipi Livni Cancels her trip to South Africa!!

By Iqbal Jassat (Media Review Netwrok) & Naazim Adam (Palestine Solidarity Alliance)

The Media Review Network  and the Palestine Solidarity Alliance welcome the news that Tzipi Livni, former Israeli Foreign Minister and part of the Israeli war cabinet cancelled her trip to South Africa.

Although the announcement sights the strike in the Department of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem as the reason, we recognise that the decision by her to cancel her trip stems from her realisation of a possible arrest in South Africa,  for war crimes and crimes against humanity, as a result of her direct involvement in Operation Cast Lead, in the Gaza.

Whilst we remain committed to the prosecution of Israeli war criminals, we will continue to lobby for global justice and justice for the Palestinian People. We take this opportunity to thank the groundswell of support we received from important constituencies including Amnesty International, Congress of South African Trade Unions, the Muslim Judicial Council, Coalition for a Free Palestine and others.