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Reality check Iran is not a nuclear threat

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Forget the neoconservative hype. The facts show Iran is not and has not been a nuclear threat to either the United States or Israel.

By Scott Horton

(source: The Wisdom

Politicians, lobbyists, and propagandists have spent nearly two decades pushing the lie that Iran poses a nuclear weapons threat to the United States and Israel. After a brief respite in the intensity of the wolf cries over the past two years, the neoconservative movement has decided to relaunch the Must Bomb Iran brand.

The fact that Iran is not and has not been a nuclear threat to either nation is rendered irrelevant by a narrative of universal concern about its nuclear program.

US media distortions

In mid-August, for example, after The New York Times quite uncharacteristically ran a piece diminishing the supposed danger of Iranian nukes, the story was misrepresented in newspapers and on TV stations across the country in the most frightening terms. As MSNBCs news reader put it that afternoon: Intelligence sources say Iran is only one year away from a nuclear bomb!

On August 13, on Fox News, former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton implicitly urged Israel to attack Irans new light-water reactor at Bushehr before it began functioning, the implication being that the reactor represented some sort of dire threat. But the facts are not on Mr. Boltons side. The Bushehr reactor is not useful for producing weapons-grade plutonium, and the Russians have a deal to keep all the waste themselves. On September 6, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released a new paper on the implementation of Irans Safeguards Agreement which reported that the agency has continued to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran to any military or other special purpose. Yet despite the IAEA report and clear assertions to the contrary, news articles that followed were dishonest to the extreme, interpreting this clean bill of health as just another wisp of smoke indicating nuclear fire in a horrifying near-future. A Washington Post article published the very same day led the way with the aggressive and misleading headline UN Report: Iran stockpiling nuclear materials, shorthanding the facts right out of the narrative. The facts are that Irans terrifying nuclear stockpile is a small amount of uranium enriched to industrial grade levels for use in its domestic energy and medical isotope programs, all of it safeguarded by the IAEA. More sensational claims If the smokescreen wasnt thick enough, late last week a group of Marxist holy warrior exiles called the Mujahadeen-e-Khalq, working with the very same neoconservatives who sponsored Ahmad Chalabis Iraqi National Congress which manufactured so much of the propaganda that convinced the American people to support the invasion of that country accused the Iranian government of building a secret nuclear enrichment facility buried deep in tunnels near Qazvin. Headlines once again blared in total negligence and without verification that here indeed was, an official told Fox News, proof that Iran has a hidden, secret nuclear weapons program. TV news anchors on every channel furiously mopped sweat from their brows, hearts-a-tremor. When will the forces of good rise to stop this evil?! Yet even US officials quickly admitted that theyve known about these tunnels for years. [T]heres no reason at this point to think its nuclear, one US official said a quote that appeared in Foxs article, but only after five paragraphs of breathless allegations. All day long, top-of-the-hour news updates on TV and radio let the false impression stand. IAEA inspectors have had open access to the gas conversion facility at Isfahan, the enrichment facility at Natanz, and the new lightwater reactor at Bushehr, as well as the secondary enrichment facility under construction at Qom. An ignored clean bill of health The September 6 IAEA report confirming for the zillionth time the non-diversion of nuclear material should be the last word on the subject until the next time they say the same thing: Iran, a long-time signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), is not in violation of its Safeguards Agreement. So whats all the hubbub about Irans nuclear defiance and danger? The IAEAs latest report does note that Iran has not provided the necessary cooperation to permit the Agency to confirm that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities. Indeed, the agencys frequent mentions of Irans lack of full cooperation is a big reason why US media reports portray Iran in ominous terms. But here, too, US media frequently miss the point. Never mind that 118 nations around the world have signed a statement criticizing the IAEAs peaceful activities conclusion as a departure from standard verification language. More broadly, Irans lack of full cooperation by itself is an outcome of Western bullying and propaganda. Real reason for lack of cooperation The US and the UN, acting upon no legitimate authority whatsoever, have demanded that Iran submit to an Additional Protocol to the Safeguards Agreement, which would ban any further enrichment on Iranian soil, as well as demanded they submit to an endless regime of IAEA inspections and questioning, based mostly on the alleged studies documents, which several sources have said are forgeries posing as a pilfered laptop of a dead Iranian nuclear scientist. These separate, UN Security Council-mandated investigations have even demanded blueprints for Shahab 3 missiles a subject far removed from hexafluoride gas or any legitimate IAEA function. In 2003, Iran voluntarily agreed to the extra burden of the unratified Additional Protocol during good faith negotiations with the so-called E-3, Britain, France, and Germany, acting on behalf of the US. When those negotiations broke down, Iran withdrew in 2006. With these details left out of the discussion, the impression is left that Iran is refusing to abide by international law, when in fact, it is completely within its NPT obligations. An outrageous standard Meanwhile, Washington continues to apply to Iran the outrageous standard it used in the run-up to the Iraq war: an unfriendly nation must prove it doesnt have dangerous weapons or a secret program to make them or potentially face military action. Proving a negative is, to say the least, a difficult obligation to meet: You say you havent read Websters Dictionary cover to cover? Prove it! The bottom line is that Iran is still within its unalienable rights to peaceful nuclear technology under the NPT and the Safeguards Agreement a point even Tehrans fiercest critics (grudgingly) acknowledge. The only issues it is defying are the illegitimate sanctions and demands of the US and UN, which themselves defy logic and sense. Journalists ethical obligation It is far past time for the members of the American media to get their act together and begin asking serious follow-up questions of the politicians, experts, and lobbyists they interview on the subject of Irans nuclear program. Many of these same journalists still have the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis on their hands from the months they spent continuously and uncritically parroting the lies, half-truths, and distortions of agenda-driven Iraqi dissidents and their neocon champions who pushed us into the Iraq war. Perhaps this is their shot at redemption. Scott Horton is host of Antiwar Radio on the Liberty Radio Network and assistant editor at