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Red cross appeals for 26 million dollars to help zimbabwe

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Picture: (AFP/File/Desmond Kwande)- The Star newspaper has reported that Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe (seen here on August 4) would have amnesty from prosecution and a ceremonial role in government under a draft settlement to resolve the country’s crisis.

The Red Cross today issued an emergency appeal to donors for 26.6 million dollars for food aid to Zimbabwe, saying millions in the politically and economically unstable country faced hunger.

The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in Geneva says the funds would help those already in need and avert an aggravation of the situation.

the IFRC noted that The number of people in need could rise to up to 5.1 million, almost half the population, by the end of the year.

IFRC relief programme coordinator John Roche says The IFRC currently provides food aid to 260,000 people in Zimbabwe, including orphans, the chronically ill and other vulnerable people.

Persistent drought and poor harvests, coupled with Zimbabwe’s record hyper-inflation, have contributed to the hardship of many in the southern African country.

Aid agencies see the urgent import of food as one of the most essential measures to counter the situation.

Zimbabwe’s controversial President Robert Mugabe, who is criticized internationally over the state of the country, has also come under fire for impeding the work of international aid agencies.