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Rightwing terror plot uncovered

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By Firoz Osman

The arrest and trial of alleged right wingers on charges of treason is a matter of serious concern to all South Africans. The Media Review Network applauds the South African Police Service for its speedy and efficient uncovering of what appears to be an organised right wing plot to destabilise South Africa.

We call on our security and intelligence agency to remain vigilant particularly with regards to the upcoming World Cup and threats posed by rightwing elements and their possible international rightwing supporters.

We do however remain concerned that rightwing elements and their links with repressive regimes such as Israel who has a vested interest in perpetuating the myth of so-called ‘Muslim terrorism’ will unleash mischief in order to frame Muslims in South Africa. We note with alarm that so-called ‘terror experts’ who have spearheaded a campaign of demonization bordering on 42& xenophobia have now opted to remain silent or seeking to down play the rightwing threat. In the interest of South African security, we call on the minister of police Mr Nathi Mthethwa to demand of those so-called ‘terror experts,’ in particular Hussein Solomon to disclose all information whereby they have repeatedly alleged that the 2010 world cup will be sabotaged by Muslims. Our apprehension about the potential for false-flag operations is well founded especially given that Mr Mo Shaik, head of South African Security External Branch has publically confirmed the travel route of Mossad assassins involved in the Dubai killing was via OR Tambo international. Our apprehension is also fuelled that the fact that El Al security agents were uncovered to be Shin Bet operatives. The lack of clarity in regard to the current status of their operational capacity (being armed and issued with diplomatic passports) remains ambiguous. The MRN believes that sovereignty at a key national point such as OR Tambo International Airport must be the exclusive domain of South Africa’s security and intelligence cluster.