Saks’ racist column under attack

MRN News Service

The SA Jewish Board of Deputies’ David Saks has come under fire for racist remarks.

Nathan Geffen of the Human Rights Delegation that visited Israel with fellow activists recently, made these charges against Saks in a letter published in the Jewish Report’s 13 February, 2009 issue.

Referring to Saks' column "Barabaric Yawp" of September 12, Geffen says that it contains several racist statements, and quotes a particularly alarmingone: "One cannot very well expect them [Palestinians] to love us, even if the demented extent of their hatred goes far beyond what can be regarded as reasonable resentment. More than anyone else, the Palestinians are obsessed by – self willed prisoners of – the Islamist death cult".

The Media Review Network agrees with Geffen that Sak's column was undoubtedly racist!

We wonder too whether the leadership of the SAJBD will consider these hate-filled sentiments of their Associate Director worthy of protection – and if not, what steps will they take to have him retract them and apologise?

If they choose to remain silent as they have thus far on Sak's extremely provocative hate-speech contained in these words: "More than anyone else, the Palestinians are obsessed by – even self willed prisoners of – the Islamist death cult", one can safely assume that their reaction to Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Fatima Hajaig was a case of dual standards.

MRN News Service



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