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Situation in Egypt

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By Tarek Sayed-Ahmed – Cairo

Media coverage of the recent36in Egypt has been extensive, but I am writing to you as a participant in the peaceful demonstrations and a witness to the barbaric attacks launched last night by thugs of the ruling party (NDP) who used live amunition against unarmed and peaceful demonstrators.This is at least the fourth time demonstrators were attacked by NDP thugs, since the revolution started on Tuesday 25 January.

One was last Friday, the 4th day of the uprising, when police opened fire on demonstrators. 300 poeple were killed, over 2000 were injured and 500 missing.I was among those marching that day towards Tahrir (Liberation) square, and I was exposed  to both tear gas (almost suffocating) and live bullets, one of which killed the person right beside me. After their criminal attack the police disappeared deliberately from  the streets of Cairo and other cities, left poeple unprotected from violent gangs made up of escaped prisoners.

It is now known that is was the security forces who opened the prison doors and allowed inmates, some of them dangerous criminals to escape with weapons.On Tuesday, there were over two million people gathered in Tahrir square all calling for Mubarak to step down. (There were other millions in other cities in Egypt too, with the same demand: Mubarak has to step down).

Yesterday, paid NDP thugs attacked the peaceful demonstrators again with Molotov cocktials and live bullets. Six people were killed and over six hundered injured. I was also there, and I witnessed those thugs (some of whom turned to be secret police) attack the square on horses and camels to scare the peaceful demonstrators.What is happening in Egypt is a crime. We call on NGO’s and human right organisations to preasure the existing corrupt regime who is obviously struggling for survival at all expenses including killing thousands of peaceful demonstartors.

Last Friday was called the Day of Anger, tomorrow is the Day of Departure (Mubarak’s). Millions are expected to join tomorrow in making history, forcing Mubarak to step down. This is a revolution, not only against the corrupt regime, but also against imperialism represented by USA politics and Isreali occupation. It is a (non islamist) revolution of the collapsing middle class in Egypt, initiated by young people, aspiring for a better future, and  for a new Middle East.Express protest against the regime and solidarity with the Egyptian revolution by marching to Egyptian Embassies all over the world, and bombarding Egyptian diplomats with letters of protest and outrage!