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THE MIDDAY REPORT 10 March 2010 12:35 PM Lecture on "Global Jihad: The South African Front"

The Media Review Network has objected to a forthcoming lecture by a local academic – Professor Hussein Solomon. Professor Solomon is a professor in the Department of Political Sciences at the University of Pretoria – and the MRN is objecting to him because – in its words – of his anti-Muslim stance and the fact that his alarmist theories bordering on 42have been previously discredited. The MRN says it is extremely concerned that Professor Solomon is using the University of Pretoria as a platform to propagate his anti-Muslim views. The professor told the MR that he is a practicing muslim, so he can’t be anti-muslim. On the issue that he played a key role in fuelling alarm and suspicion against Muslims in South Africa, he said he said he doesn’t believe so, he said what is interesting is that they make it personal. He said other academics have come out with statements that are similar to his own. In terms of all of his research, it is all out in the public domain sources. He said that as an academic, he can’t make unsubstantiated statements. All that he is saying is nothing new, he said, it is in the public domain, the media and others.

Guests: Hussein Solomon & Iqbal Jassat