Al Aqsa Foundation Media Release – 2 July 2010

The Al Aqsa Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) was shocked to read various scurrilous allegations against the organisation in The Times newspaper of Tuesday, 29 June 2010. The newspaper article reported that the allegations emanate from the website of the US Treasury Department. The Times further claims that AFSA is the “latest South African organisation to be blacklisted”, and quotes the website as stating that AFSA was part of the “Hamas terrorist infrastructure”.

In fact, the spurious allegations against AFSA by the US Treasury Department were made seven years ago, in 2003, and have been found by various authorities – including the South African government – to have no basis whatsoever, and cannot be substantiated either by the newspaper or any US government department.

The Al Aqsa Foundation of South Africa is a South African organisation, registered with the Department of Social Development as a non-profit organisation (NPO), and with the South African Revenue Services as a public benefit organisation (PBO). Its sole purpose is to address the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people, particularly Palestinian orphans.

The organisation has determinedly remained committed to this agenda and has an impressive track record in this regard.  It is not part of any other organisation outside of South Africa (whether humanitarian or political), and operates purely as a South African institution, guided by the South African Constitution and South African legislation.