ANC leader Jacob Zuma’s upcoming graft trial is a malicious conspiracy; his key allies said today, warning only death would stop them from making him South African president.


A Constitutional Court challenge by African National Congress president Jacob Zuma has failed.

Zuma, together with his lawyer Michael Hulley and arms company Thint had contested the lawfulness of search and seizure operations at their premises.

“All the applicants’ challenges to the search and seizure operations failed,” Chief Justice Pius Langa found in a majority judgment handed down today.

“Accordingly, the orders of the Supreme Court of Appeal are upheld.”

All quiet ahead of Zuma concourt judgement

The Constitutional Court in Johannesburg was today devoid of the crowds of people that usually arrive in support of ANC president Jacob Zuma’s court cases.

The crackling of police radios and the school children shuffling though one of the court’s tours were in stark contrast to the usual singing and dancing that has characterised Zuma’s many court appearances.

Photographers stood in wait for Zuma’s legal team ahead of the court’s judgment on the lawfulness of search and seizures carried out at his homes and offices, as well as the offices of his lawyer Michael Hulley and arms company Thint Holdings.

It would also deliver judgment on the lawfulness of a letter asking the Mauritian Attorney-General to send to South Africa 14 documents and statements about their authenticity.

While the Durban High Court upheld a challenge by Zuma and Hulley against the search and seizures, the Pretoria High Court ruled against a similar challenge by Thint.

However, the Supreme Court of Appeal later ruled that the search and seizures were valid and says the State could retain the seized items.

Zuma, Hulley and Thint are now asking the Constitutional Court to order the return of their documents, arguing that the search and seizure warrants were incomplete, overbroad and vague and that Zuma’s rights were not adequately protected.

The State wants to use the documents against Zuma and two Thint companies in its fraud and money laundering trial.