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Us blusters about Iran to hide fears

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By E Qasim

(source: Star Newspaper, Monday 30/01/2012, Pg 11)

The sabre rattling and war mongering against Iran is nothing new. The main actors have always been Israel, USA and Britain. They know very well that it will take many years before Iran develops a nuclear warhead, if at all. False flagging and the application of the fear psychosis has been the tried and tested modus operandi.

The truth of the matter is the following:

1. Besides oil, Iran has huge deposits of natural gas that could last for decades to come

2. The China National Petroleum Company has signed a $5 billion dollar deal to drill for this gas.

3. Western petroleum giants Total and Shell lost out on the deal because of their indecisiveness coupled with their misguided allegiance to the western powers and Israel.

4. This gas will be pivotal to the recovery of world economies. China will be the chief beneficiary.

5. Iran’s South Pars gas fields are the largest in the world. In the near future it will outstrip Saudi’s crude oil output.

In this context, there will be a major re-alignment of world economies, with the US role diminishing with time. Hence we see this blustering rhethoric about democracy, peace,war on terror and alleged Iranian nuclear weapons. This can only be interpreted as as a desperate attempt by the US and her allies in Europe and the Middle East to hide their fears that they stand to be the big losers.

Russia is also sitting on large gas deposits and her influence in the region should not be underestimated. As matters stand, the US is backing the wrong horses.

The editorial makes no mention of these facts, for reasons best known to them.