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Warning the Gaza power station will stop

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Kanaan Obeid, the deputy head of the Palestinian energy authority in the Gaza Strip warned Monday that the power station will stop working during the coming 24 hours if necessary quantities of fuel were not allowed in Gaza, adding that a complete power outage will result in total paralysis of all service sectors in the Strip.

In a press release, Obeid stated that the Israeli promises to supply the station with necessary fuel on Tuesday are unreliable verbal promises in light of the policy of manipulation practiced by the IOA.

For his part, MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, appealed, from the heart of suffering in Gaza, to all presidents, kings, princes and officials in the world to rescue the Gaza people from the risks that would ravage their lives in the coming days.

Khudari warned that the Israeli occupation prevents the entry of any kind of fuel even the slashed quantities to Gaza for the fifth consecutive day.

In another context, the popular committee against the siege announced Monday morning that a Palestinian young woman called Suha Al-Jamasi, 22, died of cancer as a result of complete lack of cancer medicines in the besieged Gaza Strip; thus, her death increased the death toll of the siege victims to 133 Palestinian patients.


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