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World cup venue for false flag terror?

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By Ibrahim Vawda

(source: VOC + Media Monitors Network)

The World Cup 2010 provides a perfect platform for "academics" and the so called "Islamic Terror Experts" of the world to manufacture "extremists" and "terrorists" who are about to destroy South Africa’s 2010 dreams. These "academics" are not on some benevolent mission to protect the international soccer fraternity as well as the South African soccer lovers against acts of terror, planned, plotted and perpetrated by so-called "Muslim" fanatics in South Africa.

These self-professed "experts" must realise that this world may seem chaotic, but it is rational. It is their responsibility to narrate and contextualise with an independent and critical eye and not merely reiterate what is a figment of some ones imaginations.

This does not satisfy the designs of those who wish to further enhance the psychology of 42and the imaginary presence of Muslim terror groups in our country. Their mission is to manufacture an opinion; enforce it on the silent majority who will then submit to the propaganda process of the efficient and ever-present mass media.

So much so that, the illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, and the killings of Muslims in Kashmir, Pakistan, Chechnya and Somalia will remain  mere optical illusions. In contrast to this media silence of the ongoing killings in these countries, the only constant is 9/11(twin towers), 7/7 (London bombings) and 26/11 (Mumbai attacks) and the weapons of mass destruction.

Terror experts Pre 1998, few people had heard of Osama Bin Laden or Al-Qaeda. Post 9/11, everyone wanted to know about Al-Qaeda. A window of opportunity opened up for "terror experts" who laid claims to specialised knowledge in this study. Subsequently, these "terror experts" became "expert witnesses" in terror trials around the world. This introduced the "terror industry" in which governments poured millions of dollars. The industry became a very a lucrative one indeed. "Expert" academics began mushrooming globally. Doubts have been cast about the meteoric rise to prominence of some of these "terror experts." The independence of these academics is also under scrutiny because many of them who appeared for the prosecution in terror trials have been associated with right wing or pro Zionists organizations. These "experts" must provide evidence that is objective and factually correct. They should be governed by professionalism and scientific neutrality. In the absence of this it is fair to assume that their research will be regarded at best as research – led opinion. This will not meet the standard of evidence required in any court of law. Our recent experience of the claims generated by Hussein Solomon is a classic illustration of the point. Just as there are embedded journalists, there are embedded academics. They serve governments or international organisations & have contacts that provide them with open sourced information.  Fortunately it has been extensively documented that these embedded academics have as their only mission the pursuance of illegitimate policies spawned by the discredited war on terror. Thus we find the existence of cabals known as neocons linked to Zionism and western imperialism. This must cast a doubt on their independence. Terror attacks In view of the above, the 2010 Soccer World Cup is faced with a distinct possibility of a false flag terror attack. A careful analysis of the current international political circumstances shows that it remains explosive and volatile. After the 9/11 attacks, the world has been pushed into a state of perpetual warfare in the guise of fighting global terror, in a war without borders and is timeless. The official version of the 9/11 attacks have been widely discredited to the extent that some analysts believe that it was the ideal pretext to the global war on terror. Seeing that the international political situation is perched on a powder keg, the 2010 FIFA World Cup may just be the catalyst required by these neocon-types to further bolster the committed agenda of the super powers towards global hegemony by deliberately setting up false flag terror attacks. The South African Government should anticipate and neutralise these nefarious designs. Given the weaknesses at O. R. Tambo International Airport resulting from the entrenchment of Israeli Shin Bet agents, if and when these attacks do happen, then to blame it on intelligence failure, will not be good enough. The architects of world domination and imperialism are committed to an agenda of global superiority. Therefore, the South African security cluster should be ever vigilant and determined to protect our young democracy. We must hold onto our values of equality, anti-colonialism and third world solidarity. The consequences of the failure to do so are far too great and must be averted at all costs.   The groundwork is being prepared in anticipation of such a false flag terror attack by these "experts" when anti-Muslim propaganda such as "Mosques posing as fronts for terror groups and Muslim homes providing safe havens for terror cells" begin to flow from their venomous pens. A false flag terror attack must surely send cold shivers down the spine of all South Africans. Ibrahim Vawda is a senior researcher for the Gauteng-based lobby group, the Media Review Network. VOC