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Writer makes incorrect assumptions on islam

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Writer makes incorrect assumptions on Islam

by Suraiya Nawab

The Star-May 12, 2009 Edition 1

The ARTICLE “Abuse of Muslim women gets worse” by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (The Star, May 5) refers.
I too am a Muslim woman, but unlike my Muslim sister Yasmin, I am confident and proud about wearing my hijab. Like many thousands of other Muslim women, I too style my hair, wear lovely things and wear perfume (as the writer professes to do).
The hijab is part of who we are. It is not a punishment nor an imposition!
Unlike the writer’s preposterous assumption that Muslim women are oppressed and that Islam renders women personal playthings for men, we as educated, free and independent Muslim women feel honoured to be worthy of the elevated status that Islam has afforded us!
The writer Yasmin Alibhai-Brown may have done the research on some of the incidents she mentions but fails to recognise that these are not strictly Islamic practices.
Cultural and ritualistic social behaviour patterns which encourage abuse of women and children are unacceptable and are characteristic of many other communities as well.
The writer has been totally brainwashed by her colleagues in the media into believing that Islam is an oppressive and cruel way of life, especially regarding the treatment of women!
It is therefore also no wonder that she appears to be so unhappy as a Muslim woman! Embrace the true Islam, sister Yasmin, and you will find the joys of rights and responsibilities, compassion and freedom and everlasting happiness and contentment that every Muslim is promised.

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