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Youths attacked and run over in Palestine by iof

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IOF jeep runs over youth, 30 Israelis gang up over Palestinian

IOF soldiers used their jeep to deliberately run over a Palestinian youth in Qalqilia city called Khaled Dughmesh before arresting him, witnesses reported.

They said that the 21-year-old youth, who hails from Jibla village southeast of Qalqilia city, was moderately wounded in the incident.

The witnesses pointed out that Dughmesh was driving a cart when the army jeep hit the cart

In another atrocity, around 30 Israelis ganged up on a Palestinian young man in Karmiel city on Saturday and turned his car upside down.

Arab press in the 1948 occupied areas said that Hazem Jabran, 22, from the Rame town near Safad city, was waiting in his car for his sister when the group of fanatic Israelis approached him and smashed his car’s window shields wounding him in the left leg before turning it over.

The fanatics then started punching the youth while shouting "death to the Arabs" and when his sister arrived she screamed for help and finally a police car arrived to the scene and took him to a nearby hospital before he filed an official complaint with the police, the Panet website and Panorama newspaper reported.

 * Source: Palestine-Info Centre