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Zimbabwe crisis talks deadlocked opposition

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Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s spokesman says negotiations in South Africa aimed at ending the political crisis in neighboring Zimbabwe are deadlocked.

Adding that that they cannot discuss the main issues, they can only say that they are in a deadlock and that the parties will consult with their principals. If the sticking points are resolved then the talks will resume.

Tsvangirai flew in to Johannesburg on yesterday amid claims by his party that the talks between the opposition and representatives of President Robert Mugabe’s ruling regime had run into trouble.

His arrival in South Africa came a week after he signed a deal with Mugabe to begin talks on sharing power after a months-long election dispute.

The talks, which are being held at a secret location in the Pretoria area, are meant to be wrapped up within a fortnight of the signing of the initial framework agreement.

However the South African government, the long-time mediator between the MDC and Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party, has already indicated the target could be extended.

MDC sources say that the talks had run into trouble over what post would be offered to Tsvangirai in any power-sharing agreement.