The Media Review Network South Africa is gratified at the sentiments expressed by the honourable International Relations Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane’s regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Minister Mashabane’s realistic assessment of the plight of the Palestinians is in no way an anti-Semitic display but rather an intolerance of apartheid laws and pariah states. Israel acts with impunity and unassailable authority condemning the Palestinians to a life that is unliveable.

Minister Mashabane was clear in her conviction that the South African struggle was not just about itself, but also international solidarity with all oppressed peoples.

The solidarity with Palestine is the basic human intuitive to want peace and equality for all especially after experiencing the inhumane laws of Apartheid South Africa. She knows the serious damage Apartheid did to the oppressed majority in our country.

It humiliated us, deprived us of our honour and dignity, robbed us of our freedom to work, be educated, to live, move and speak freely, as equals.

In short, we were dehumanized! And if a person is dehumanized, he or she are simply disregarded as “things” unworthy of sympathy, to be brushed aside and squashed like mosquitoes. This is exactly how the Palestinians are being treated under Apartheid Israel.

In addition the Palestinians are actively subjected to genocide and ethnic cleansing. In no way is Apartheid Israel any different except that their tactics and propaganda machinery are more advanced.Israel has violated international law on various fronts.

The MRN is in full support of the sentiments expressed by the honourable Minister. She like the majority of South Africans survived the brutality of the Apartheid ideology and is hence in an ideal position to advise the South African senior government officials.

Ibrahim Vawda

Senior Researcher,

Media Review Network

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Issued: Friday, 8 November 2013